New Moon Cafe  524 Montauk Highway, EQ  631-653-4042

To all our friends near and far…

We welcome everyone to the New Moon, and to thank you for evolving with us for the past quarter century, from our clam bar days to pizzeria to luncheonette and then ultimately our family-style restaurant.

And yes, our bar has moved several times, but then our outdoor bar (circa ’79) and that old pot-bellied stove, the sole source of heat in the building at the time, are but a memory as well.

So, happily, is Vietnam… something Ron was finally able to put to rest in May ’85, and in June 1987 he hosted a 20-year reunion of a score of his comrades in combat from that terrible time.

Not that the ’90s weren’t a struggle… but we have survived them as well. We’ve also learned how great America truly is and that “It’s a Wonderful Life” is more than just a movie which NBC trots out for the Christmas holidays, as many friends and customers selflessly came to our aid at a time when things were at their very darkest.

In 1997, Ron made a valiant run for town office, and while the vote came up short on Election Day, it wasn’t long afterwards that Suffolk Life newspapers recognized Ol’ Tex as “Businessman of the Year” for all of Southampton Town, so in the grand design of things, he was certainly a “winner!”

And remember how Cablevision tried to have Ron put in jail? Not only did NYS Supreme Court overturn his conviction and fully exonerate him, but he had them in court for violating his civil rights. (Shana’s admittedly biased view is that Ol’ Tex is just too used to the open spaces of his native Lone Star farm land, and that here in his adoptive home of Eastern Long Island, he’s jus’ a po’ mis-understood critter!)

Still, the New Moon Café endures… thanks to its devoted (and ever-widening) following who enjoy Ol’ Tex’s barbecued specialties from his mesquite grill… the briskets o’beef, the ribs and chicken… and Shana’s extraordinary handmade desserts. One continuing problem had always been that customers were always so full of barbecue or catch o’the day or our South o’the Border specialties, that they never quite had enough room for dessert. Well, there was a terrific solution to that… just let your server know and Shana will pack up one or however many) “to go.”|

If truth be known, anything on the New Moon Café menu is available for take-out, and if it’s a large enough “do,” Ol’ Tex’ll haul out his travelin’ chuckwagon barbecue and rollin’ mesquite grill, and toss a clambake or cook-out at your place, ’cause he purely loves to cater.